Collaborative Learning

So, I’ve started at a new school.  No longer head of department, I am alone in my classroom and free to teach.  I’m loving it so far and starting to get back into the groove.  Though, now I’m starting to get hungry again to refine my practice, to explore better teaching and learning, to ensure students are at the centre of all I’m doing and that learning – real learning – is happening in my classroom.

The school have a working group that I’m a part of that are looking at collaborative learning.  I think the definition we are going with is something like structured group work (maybe) – it feels like some of the stuff I’ve tried before in patches with “Thinking Through Mathematics” and the Bowland project.

It struck me as I thought about it that so often we claim that things wont work for Maths … I guess all subjects do it but I hear it more from Maths teachers because that is where I am.  I’m going to try this … I want to see what happens … I’d like it to be a success.

The challenge was laid to teach a whole class in groups all the time … is that possible?  What would it look like?  Scary prospect …