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I had some of these out for my tutor group to play with this morning. When my Year 11 functional skills class come in (only about 11 kids), they really wanted to play with them. So we looked at pattern and strategy and ways to guess what the other person was doing They loved it.

I asked, how about we do some Maths? To which they groaned, no!

Of course, they were doing Maths I just didn’t like to tell them.


Tac Tiles

I’ve been inspired by something I saw on another blog. Simply take a picture of something I’m working on and upload with a comment or two.

This is a Tac-Tile tray and I’m currently using these to help with algebra in KS3. They link geometry to algebra and have helped my students lot. I’m able to use them well for collecting like terms but I’m trying to think how to expand on this. The kids love them.

They were originally developed by DIME in the early 90s but they don’t seem to be in production any more. I had my set laser cut by a local school design department at £3 a pop. Pretty good! I’ll put more up about these as I develop resources for them.