Engaging with research


So, I want to encourage you to find something that you want to try (which I guess if you’re reading this you already do) and think about seeing if it works. Be systematic, collect some data, write about it, share with colleagues and with us on here. Why? So that, when we have policies passed down from on high, we are in the habit of being able to meaningfully test things in our own classrooms and be able to make evidence based comments on what works and doesn’t. Let us be the drivers of policy, let us say yes this works and no this doesn’t. Let us do the things we know we should do and try not to get too bogged down with the fear of our overlords! Let us remember we enjoy this job, we are good at it and we are committed to improving.


It is hard to ignore the entire country – we know that when people have actual relationship with schools they tend to be more positive than when they are talking about education in the abstract, we know that we cannot fix all the problems of society, however much we might be expected to. But, we do also know how to teach and we can year on year get better and better. Research can help us. The chasm between the academic in her ivory tower and the practitioner in his classroom is closing, we can be part of helping that to close and together write the next chapter in our educational history.