Brighton Mini Maker Faire

So, yesterday was a lot of fun – I was volunteering at Brighton Mini Maker Faire! It was awesome!

I got to:
– drive a remote control Dalek


– make seagulls out of ironed plastic bags


– see 3D printers try to cooperatively build a 2m statue of Alan Turing


– ride a bike that made a Scaletrix track work (Scalexercise)
– played with a ping pong table that made gunshot noises every time the ball hit the table

And those are just the highlights!

My job was to be one of the ‘educational Interpreters’ which involved helping makers to tell stories about their projects. This was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it a lot!

If you have a Maker Faire or a Hackspace near you it is an awesome place to find enthusiastic life-long learners who are excited about learning and making. I got lots of inspiration but was sad I hadn’t plugged it with my students more. I’m going to do show and tell with my classes about it this week and make a big deal of it next year. It is quite early in the year, so I have only seen most of my classes once or twice but must try harder!